Varsity Tutors Launches Subscription Service for After-School Clubs

From Space Club to Chess Club, Animation and STEM, Small Group Clubs are Led by Top Experts
Subscription Service Helps Fill the After-School Activity Gap Left by Closures and Quarantines

(September 8, 2021) Varsity Tutors, one of the nation鈥檚 largest platforms for live online tutoring and classes, today announced a new that offers interactive activities and instruction in areas beyond traditional academic subjects. The offering was designed to meet the growing demand for online programs that match the varied interests and passions of today鈥檚 students, while also providing an affordable and accessible option for filling the gap of traditional after-school programs that have been impacted by the pandemic.  

Each club meets weekly, and programming rotates every month to keep members engaged. All clubs are led by experienced instructors in live, small group lessons of 6-9 students, and the ongoing discussion and collaboration help ensure the clubs remain interactive throughout the week. Club membership also includes asynchronous work and exclusive celebrity content to supplement the live lessons. The subscription is priced at $70/month (compared to admission to a specific club, available for $90/month). 

In a recent survey of 1,200 parents commissioned by Varsity Tutors, 78% say they are worried about the loss of extracurricular activities this year, while half say that their children鈥檚 schools either don鈥檛 have or could have better extracurricular activities for their children鈥檚 interests.

鈥淰ery few schools are in a position to offer after school extracurriculars dedicated to interests like space, weather and animation, but online clubs allow us to bring together small groups of like-minded students with experts in the areas kids care about,鈥 said Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer of Varsity Tutors. 鈥淪chool closures are driving a major decline in opportunities for students to engage in their interests beyond core school subjects, and this is on top of cuts we鈥檝e seen to these types of programs in recent years. We鈥檙e receiving more requests than ever for after-school options, and this new subscription service offers learners an opportunity to pursue their passions across a range of topics, while making friends all across the country.鈥

In addition to small group classes, each of the After School Clubs also features exclusive content from noted celebrity experts, such as astronaut Leland Melvin (Cosmic Adventure Club) and meteorologist, TV host and storm chaser Dr. Reed Timmer (Weather Wonders Club).

鈥淲hen I was a kid fascinated by storms, I鈥檇 have loved to have something like the Weather Wonders Club,鈥 said Timmer. 鈥淕etting to create challenges and invite Weather Wonders Club members into my StarCourse live studio audiences is such a fun way to give young weather enthusiasts the experiences I would have wanted.鈥

All After School Club sections are age-appropriate, ensuring that learners are matched with peers in or close to their own grade. Six club themes are designed for grades K-8, and two additional themes serve grades K-12, providing support for a variety of passions:

  • Cosmic Adventure Club (K-8): Send your aspiring astronaut on a rocket ride through outer space! They鈥檒l complete hands-on challenges and learn about our galaxy and beyond.

  • Wildlife Creature Club (K-8): This is your young explorer鈥檚 passport to animal adventure. They鈥檒l learn from expert instructors and deepen their appreciation for the animal kingdom.

  • Curious World STEM Club (K-8): Do you have a young doer, maker or tinkerer in the house? This will feed their curious mind as they explore how the world works, one experiment at a time.

  • Young Animators Club (K-8): Let young artists nurture their creativity with fellow budding artists, take on creative challenges and learn new techniques from expert instructors.

  • Ancient Adventures Club (K-8): Here鈥檚 your aspiring archeologist's chance to join fellow campers as they journey to ancient civilizations and hunt for long-lost treasures.

  • Weather Wonders Club (K-8): Your aspiring meteorologist will join other campers for an exciting look at the world of weather, complete hands-on projects and learn from expert instructors.

  • Chess Masters Club (K-12): Your child becomes a king or queen of strategy. They鈥檒l learn from expert chess instructors, explore monthly themes and practice against new friends.

  • Brainteasers Club (K-12): Put your young thinker鈥檚 brain to use through mind-bending logic puzzles, collaborative trivia challenges, Socratic critical thinking exercises and more.

With participation in each club, students receive one hour of live instruction from an expert instructor in a small group setting each week, where they can interact with similar-aged peers passionate about the same subject matter. Club members also have access to new curated asynchronous content each month for self-guided exploration beyond their one hour club sessions, and exclusive meet-and-greets throughout the school year with celebrity instructors in the field.

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